The Talking Piano

In the original work, the Austrian composer “Peter Ablinger” transferred the frequency spectrum of Miro Markus narrating the Proclamation of the European Environmental Criminal Court at World Venice Forum 2009 to his computer controlled mechanical piano.


I set my goal to recreate this installation in the digital environment using Max/MSP and finally implement the solution in Ableton Live! by creating two Max4Live devices.
One device analyzes the audio stream for amplitude peaks in seperate frequency bands with a fast fourier tranformation (FFT). The result is then mapped to the 88 notes of a full piano scale in respect to the according frequency.

webe.AtoM-Audio_In webe-AtoM-MIDI_Out
AtoM1 AtoM2

This can also be set up as an interactive installation using a MIDI-controlled Grand Piano, that seems like it is directly connected to a microphone.
The Audio to MIDI conversion would take place inside on a MacMini, running the Max/MSP Patch and feeding the resulting MIDI Notes to the Piano’s MIDI-Interface – triggering the notes in real time.
Visitors are encouraged to sing and talk into the microphone, creating a playful exchange between the piano and the people.



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