From a young age Max was fascinated by technology and to this day enjoys exploring the capabilities to create spaces of beauty, information and entertainment. Growing up in the late 90s and living in a rural area made the internet an important tool to express himself and connect with the outside world. Embracing the possibilities of this young medium gave him the motivation to learn markup-, stylesheet- and programming languages as well as designing in the digital environment. Through design internships and corporate jobs Max has experience in business communication from both perspectives, gaining experience in designing and manufacturing  physical and digital products.
Through his experiences as a DJ his fascination for sound production grew and made him grab the opportunity to study Audiodesign in the heartbeat of Berlin.
During his studies Max discovered the many fascinating facets inherent to the acoustic world and developed a fundamental understanding towards the physical, psychological and interactive aspects of sound.
Being connected to the local art, design and tech industry allow him to stay in touch with the ideas of tomorrow. Doing research, concepting, prototyping, and implementing smart solutions are his passion. His hacking attitude keeps his appetite for new ideas healthy and challenges him to look for the fundamental patterns in the layers of reality in front of him. Following his curiosity makes him a functional agent and an inspirational force for creative works, scientific research and design projects. His latest works focus on embodied sound, human-machine interaction, machine learning, signal processing and VR-Audio.

1993: Four year stay in Rochester (New York, US)
Abitur at Mörike Gymnasium (Esslingen am Neckar, DE)
2010 – 2011: Civilian Service at Kulturzentrum KOMMA (Esslingen am Neckar, DE)
2011: Internship at Rayerdesign & Mediaroyal (Raum Stuttgart, DE)
2011 – 2015: UX Design & Rapid-Prototyping (Festo AG, DE)
2014: Creative Coding at Monash University (Melbourne, AU)
2012 – 2015: Research & Development (Klangerfinder GMBH & Co KG, DE)
2012 – 2016: Audiodesign (B.A.) Studies (hdpk, DE)
2015 – 2016: Student Assistant for Prof. Marco Kuhn (hdpk, DE)
2016: Audiodesign (B.A.) Bachelor Degree Graduation (hdpk, DE)
since 2015: Technical Assistant at Studio Robert Henke (Berlin, DE)
since 2016: Audiocommunication and -technology (M.Sc.) (TU Berlin, DE)
since 2016: Lecturer for Audiotechnology (hdpk, DE)

27.03.2013. hdpk / Blumenbar (Kantine Berghain, DE)
29.11.2013. hdpk / Sequences (Urban Spree, DE)
31.07.2014. hdpk / Optical Modulation Controller (Berlin, DE)
28.01.2015. Volkswagen / SoundJourney (Stuttgart, DE)
01.02.2015. LvBW / LvBW Berlin (Berlin, DE)
26.01.2015. CTM MusicMakers Hacklab / MBO-D (Berlin, DE)
17.06.2015. hdpk / Founding of the hdpk HackLab (Berlin, DE)
03.08.2015. Krake Festival / DOF, Studio Robert Henke (Urban Spree, DE)
08.08.2015. Live Cinema Festival / Lumière II.2, Studio Robert Henke (Rio, BR)
11.11.2015. Right Here, Right Now / DOF, Studio Robert Henke (The Lowry, UK)
18.03.2016. do NOT try me NOW / Glitched Video Loop (Frontline Galerie, DE)
07.04.2016. More MusicLumière II.2, Studio Robert Henke (Concertgebouw, BE)
28.07.2016. Φ by StratoFyzika / Sound Programming (Lake Studios Berlin, DE)
15.09.2016. ICMC2016 / Lumière II.2, Studio Robert Henke (TivoliVredenburg, NL)
04.11.2016. Ableton LOOP / Fragile Territories, Studio Robert Henke (Funkhaus, Berlin)
15.09.2016. NODE2016 / Lumière II.2, Studio Robert Henke (Modena, IT)
24.11.2016. NEXT2016 / Lumière II.2, Studio Robert Henke (Bratislava, SK)
26.11.2016. ArsCameralis / Lumière II.2, Studio Robert Henke (Katowice, PL)
16.02.2017. Barbican Hall / Lumière III (PREMIERE), Studio Robert Henke (London, UK)
15.02.2017. SPEKTRUM / ALGORITHMIC BANDS #267, TU Berlin (Berlin, DE)
18.02.2017. Arnolfini / Lumière III, Studio Robert Henke (Bristol, UK)
12.04.2017. Concertgebouw / Lumière III, Studio Robert Henke (Bruges, BE)

Talks & Press
17.04.2013. #NRMPressent Max Weber – Interview With A Glitch Artist (US)
16.03.2016. KONTRAKTION @ MiXD Symposium, Birmingham Conservatoire (UK)
22.04.2016. Workshop “Gesture, Interface & Sound” / Studientag (Berlin, DE)
28.05.2016. KONTRAKTION @ Music Tech Fest, Funkhaus (Berlin, DE)
30.05.2016. KONTRAKTION @ DRadio Kultur (Berlin, DE)
02.07.2016. KONTRAKTION @ MuSA2016 (HFM Karlsruhe, DE)
16.07.2016. KONTRAKTION @ hdpk Festival / Keynote & Performance (DE)
03.10.2016. KONTRAKTION @ “Mensch-Maschine” / Radio Eins RBB (Berlin, DE)
04.10.2016. KONTRAKTION @ Audio Mostly 2016 (Norrköping, SWE)
14.07.2017. KONTRAKTION @ TOA2017, Hybrid Music Lab (Berlin, DE)
20.07.2017. Source Swap @ Spektrum (Berlin, DE)

Gigs (selection)
30.10.2009. webe / Hurple Paze vol. 2 (Promomix)
20.11.2010. webe / Eine fröhliche Basspartie (Mancuso, Tübingen)
05.03.2011. webe / Winterfest 2011 (Komma, Esslingen)
03.06.2011: webe / dubstep youngstarz (Hype Club, Stuttgart)
17.06.2011: webe / Bass Vibrations (Komma, Esslingen)
12.10.2012: webe / Brot der Amaya (hidden, Berlin)
30.12.2012: webe / HEKTIK PROD. NEW YEARS (RAW Gelände, Berlin)
11.05.2013: webe / Brotfront, hidden (Berlin, DE)
02.02.2013: hather / Freunde & Sozialpartner (ZMF, Berlin)
13.04.2013: hather / Wohnzimmer b2b dave (hidden, Berlin)
13.08.2013: hather / Birthday Bash (Magnet Club, Berlin)
02.11.2013: hather / Warehouse (hidden, Berlin)
14.03.2014: hather / CREW-PEN AIR (hidden, Berlin)
30.05.2015: Max Weber / Spiral Tribe (Mensch Meier, Berlin)
16.12.2016: KONTRAKTION / Audiodesign Showcase (JK, Berlin)
28.01.2017: webe & ravedave / Spaceship (Mensch Meier, Berlin)
06.09.2017: Max Weber / Bedroom Reduction #1 (Berlin)

Scholarships, Awards & Publications
13.01.2016. HDPK / project scholarship for AVARP 
04.10.2016. KONTRAKTION publication in the AM16 Proceedings

Festo (Freelance, ux & rapid prototyping)
Ableton (Freelance, alpha tester)
Hektik (Friends, sounddesign)
Mercedes Benz (Klangerfinder, sounddesign)
Volkswagen (Klangerfinder, app development)
Tesla (Klangerfinder, sound concepts)
Porsche (Klangerfinder, sound workshops)
Landesvertretung Baden-Württemberg (Klangerfinder, app development)