The Audio Visual Atmosphere Research Program

AVARP is a complex system built to record and play back weather data. The system is built as a plug-and-play interface for creative applications to help visualize and sonify complex data patterns and learn to understand them.


Our atmosphere photographed by NASA.

The media attention towards the discussion on our climate was on a high level during the climate conference in Paris. But it still remains a tricky task to make people actually feel and see the impact we are having on our planet. The spreadsheets, datasets and diagrams aren’t made to be understood by the vast majority and are only fully understandable in the right context.
We want to change that and make the data more accessable and immersive so that it serves an educational and cultural purpose.

This setup also raises a lot of questions on sound- and visual-design aspects. How do you make the inherent knowledge of the datasets universally understandable? And how do you make them explorable? What are the parameters of sound that make these abstract datasets more tangible and transport information?

Our composer is the complex nature of the atmosphere itself. It is continuously changing and creating patterns.
We want to try to tap in to the beauty of an already existing orchestra.

On the 12th of January 2016 the AVARP-Project won a scholarship by the HDPK and therefore funding the project.

The original project pitch is in german and can be found here (PDF).
Here is the projects Webpage.

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