Omnicube is generative visual patch that mainly consists of three oscillators that manipulte simple geometric objects. By default the oscillators produce sine waves an octave apart at 1Hz, 2Hz and 4Hz.
These three sine waves manipulate the geometric properties of the objects rendered in the Jitter engine of Max/MSP.

Watching the objects makes you feel like you can grasp the moments where all oscillators reach the same peak amplitude. This process can get totally random when different frequencies are chosen or if the phases get shifted over time.


The patch allows different shapes, styles, positions and colors of the render. Every parameter can be mapped to the oscillators or be triggered by random chance.
Hooking up an interesting human-machine interface, such as a leap motion makes it all the more fun.

The Pd-Version (GEM) of the Patch is Open Source and freely available in GitHub.
The Max/MSP-Version (Jitter) is not released yet, since I want to add more features and build a nicer GUI.